The Next SOULCALIBUR eSport Tournament Has Officially Been Announced!

A competition of skill and passion that is filled with hours of practice from each participant is once again approaching. The SoulCalibur VI World Invitational is a Bandai Namco hosted eSport event that will bring the top SoulCalibur players from around the world to the Hyper X Esports Arena in Las Vegas, NV on November 2nd! Those that wish to see this ultimate battle for prizes and honor will be excited to hear that tickets are available now.

The way the competition works is as the title explains; invitation only. Seven of the eight spots available on the center stage will be filled with players who have proven themselves worthy to be considered a top contender in this melee weapons-based fighting game series. The eighth, and final, spot available for the center stage tournament will be taken by the player to be titled as the Last Chance Qualifier. In order to earn this spot and join the chosen seven players they must rise from a pool of 128 players in a massive side tournament.

The prize pool is set up at $25,000 and it is truly anyone’s game. All thats left to ask yourself is, do you have what it takes to rise to be the Last Chance Qualifier? Or, for those not interested in participating, will you be buying a ticket to see the event take place live? It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but this is sure to be played out on a live stream as well for those who want to see the matches take place, but can’t make your way out to the event.

Check out the announcement trailer for the tournament and get ready to see some insane plays, along with a possible upset, that are coming in just a couple months: