The Nintendo 3DS Might Get A Successor According To Nintendo's New President

This week, Nintendo named Shuntaro Furukawa as the company’s new president, soon after Furukawa met with local media outlets in Japan discussing the direction of the company under his management. 

The Kyoto Shimbun asked Furukawa on a number of subjects concerning Nintendo’s current and plans. On the topic of a successor for the 3DS, the president revealed that the system still has a few advantages over the Switch and is even “considering various possibilities” regarding a successor to Nintendo’s popular handheld. Of course, given the Switch’s young age, Nintendo is probably going to focus more on that, but the possibility of a successor to the 3DS is an interesting idea. 

Furukawa also touched on Nintendo’s plans concerning mobile gaming as he noted that the mobile segment is becoming an important market for Nintendo. Moreover, Furukawa revealed that Nintendo is seeking to diversify its portfolio and would eventually dedicate significant resources to developing mobile games in the future. 

What do you think about the possible successor to the 3DS? Do you think Nintendo will be successful as a mobile game developer? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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