The Nintendo Switch Has Already Sold Half Of The Wii-U's Lifetime Sales


In the six months since its release, the Nintendo Switch has already matched half of the lifetime sales of the Wii-U. Nintendo's latest earning report says the current lifetime sales of the Switch are at 7.63 million units, and the Wii-U's sales after five years were 13.56 million units. The news is not all that surprising given it's been known all year the Switch has been a runaway success, but apparently, things are so good that Nintendo has now raised their predictions for sales at the end of March from 10 million to 14 million. 

Additionally, Nintendo reports they sold 27.48 million units of software, which means the average owner has purchased around 3-4 games for the console. Presumably, one of those titles is either Zelda Breath Of The Wild (4.7 million), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (4.42 million), or Splatoon 2 (3.5 million). As for ARMS, Nintendo reports the game has sold 1.35 million, which is just below the widely panned 1-2 Switch

So what's the big takeaway here for those that don't have a Switch? 

  1. If you're waiting for a price're going to be waiting for awhile.
  2. If you're looking for a Switch, you better start getting serious about it because they aren't going to be easier to find as the holidays approach.
  3. Nintendo is having an amazing year.

I'm sure we'll see more crazy Nintendo news out this week as Super Mario Odyssey sales figures start to flood in. Are you impressed with the Switch's success so far? Is there anyone out there that still has zero interest in this console?

Source: Eurogamer