The Nintendo Switch Increases Production Again, Could Outsell Wii-U By End Of Year

Multiple sources are revealing that despite Nintendo's insistence that says otherwise, they're ramping up production for the Nintendo Switch yet again. It is now expected that the Switch will have 18 million consoles on the market by March 2018. If those consoles sell, the Switch will have exceeded the lifetime sales of the Wii-U in its first year on the market. 

Nintendo has denied the claim saying that their goal at the moment is 10 million consoles, but reputable sources and analysts familiar with the company believe they're prepared to ship as many as 20 million consoles provided the resources are there beyond the 18 million that is reportedly being aimed for. 

The good news is those waiting to see more games on the Switch won't have to wait much longer, as sales numbers like that combined with the enhanced graphical capability of the console will have developers working to port some of their best games over to the platform. Great to see Nintendo on a roll here lately.

Source: Destructoid