The Opening Hours of DAYS GONE are Drop Dead Gorgeous

No Photoshop Required

DAYS GONE officially launches today and boy has it been a wild range of review scores so far. I have seen everything from a 30/100 up to a 10/10. While opinions are bound to vary on such a polarizing AAA exclusive from Sony, one thing that I doubt will be debating at all is how stunning the game is both artistically and technically. The above screenshot is in game, untouched and shows just how gar we’ve come with graphics in gaming.

Farewell, Oregon

While I am still formulating my opinion on the story telling aspect of the game, so far, the game plays great with zero hiccups or bugs with the 20gb (!) 1.04 patch that immediately began downloading when I popped the disc in. Also, as mentioned, this is a graphical masterpiece to show off your new fancy 4K display and even looks stunning on my trusty old 43” 1080 Plasma display. Check out the full size screenshots below and look for more coverage in the coming DAYS.. GONE. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

Anyone else playing the game? What do you think so far? Sound off in the comments below.