The Original Rangers Are Back In Multiplayer Beat Em Up POWER RANGERS: MEGA BATTLE

In 2017, the classic Power Rangers will have a new game. Power Rangers: Mega Battle was announced for PS4 and Xbox One and is an arcade style beat-em-up that focuses on the first two seasons of the series. That means you'll be taking on Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and every monster they create along the way! 

While I'm excited about the new game, what's with this animation? It looks like the rangers were created out of BitStrips or something...

The game was just announced and teased at New York Comic Con so there's not a ton of details at the moment (including whether or not that multiplayer is couch-coop or online), but there is a rumor that this game could be hitting PC. Check out the first trailer below. How are you feeling about the new Power Rangers game?