The PC Classic Is A Thing?!


Ok everyone file this one under the category “This is really a thing?” News on this project first appeared a couple of days ago but I seriously thought it was a joke to cash in on all the Mini console hype, man was I wrong! Unit-e the company behind the PC Classic has made a tiny interpretation of a vintage PC complete with a floppy drive bay! Also on the unit are 3 USB ports an HDMI port and RCA ports to allow the device to be connected to a CRT TV for true vintage gameplay. Bluetooth support will also be included to allow for wireless gameplay. Unit-e plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign within the next month with the hope of getting the PC Classic shipped by Spring 2019. The price of the basic PC Classic has been tentatively set at $99.

Personally I am not sold on this device as one of the biggest benefits of PC gaming has always been the ability to play past games to some degree. Numerous games from the 80’s and 90’s are still sold on services like GOG and Steam. Though the thought of having a completely pre-configured emulation box could be tempting under the right circumstances. And let’s get one thing clear right now, the fact they have the games on physical SD cards that need to be inserted into the floppy drive bay is freaking awesome! If you are interested in knowing more about the PC Classic, check out the official Unit-e site.