The Peach Amiibo Unlocks A Wedding Dress For Mario In SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY

When it comes to the three amiibos you can get for Super Mario Odyssey, you might be leaning towards the all-white suits for both Mario and Bowser, but you might want to reconsider and purchase Peach in her wedding gown. As you've likely already learned from the headline, that's because using her amiibo in-game grants Mario a wedding dress. Take a look:

As for what purpose the dress serves beyond cosmetic we have no idea. What we do know is that utilizing Peach's amiibo allows an in-game robot character to help Mario find hearts to give him some life throughout his adventures. This sounds useful I guess, but I'm not sure what the point is considering Nintendo has said you can't "Game Over" in this game. 

It's also unclear whether or not the bride's dress can be unlocked without Peach's amiibo, but smart money would say no. If that's true, that's going to be a little disappointing as we know popular amiibo are harder to come by these days than a SNES Classic.

Would you purchase this amiibo? Is it worth it to see Mario dress in drag? Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27th. 

Source: Twitter