The PS Vita Is Officially Dead...


Today it has been discovered that production of the PlayStation Vita has officially ended in Japan. Rest in peace young one, you barely got to experience life but know that those who knew you were made better by the experience. Yeah that was a bit dramatic, but let’s be honest, its true! The PlayStation Vita was one of the most impressive pieces of mobile tech when it first launched in Japan back in 2011. The system quickly made its way to North America in 2012 where it unfortunately found no foothold.

There are numerous theories as to why the system failed to gain traction including its proprietary memory card prices. For me though the biggest blow to the Vita was always the moment when Sony outright abandoned the thing a couple of years in. If the creator of a product doesn’t care about it why should consumers or developers for that matter? Thankfully, numerous developers were willing to step up when Sony stepped out and the Vita library is composed of a great selection of Indie and JRPG titles. The handheld also houses my favorite Sony game since the PS1 in Freedom Wars.

It is unfortunate that such a great piece of gaming tech never really got the opportunity to thrive and it is doubtful we will see another Sony handheld for few years at least. If you have never picked up a Vita now would be a great time to do so before the system fades into rare obscurity.

what are your favorite Vita games? share some memories below!