The PS4 Slim Has Some Pretty Awesome Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday has tons of deals to take advantage of, and usually, we make the assumption that everyone's deals are more or less the same. That doesn't seem to be true, at least in the case of PS4 Slims! CyberMondayHero posted a breakdown of sites selling the PS4 Slim and there are more than a few attractive deals you can take advantage of!

For example, every location on this chart offers Uncharted 4 with the Slim, but Kohls, ShopKo, and WalMart throw in additional gift cards even though you're paying the same price! Gamestop will also give you the option to choose between Uncharted 4 or Ratchet & Clank for your free game. Check out the list below...

Shopko: $249 Uncharted 4 1 $100 in electronics coupons
Kohl’s: $249 Uncharted 4 1 $75 in Kohl’s cash
Sam’s Club: $249 Uncharted 4 1
Toys R Us: $249 Uncharted 4 1
Walmart: $249 Uncharted 4 1 $30 gift card
Best Buy: $249 Uncharted 4 1
GameStop: $249 Uncharted 4 & The Last Of Us Remastered or Ratchet & Clank** 1 

In addition to that, it looks like Best Buy is offering up a 44 inch Toshiba television for those who purchase the PS4 Pro 1 TB for $749! What deals are you taking advantage of today?