The Script Is This Weekend's Event To Watch


After the excitement of last weekend’s The Big House 8, fans of the Super Smash Bros. Melee “gods” should anticipate a period of relative quiet; there likely won’t be another tournament featuring a majority of the gods until November’s Smash Summit 7. However, fans of the lower-ranked players in Melee’s Top 100 have plenty of smaller events to look forward to—chances to follow the gameplay of players who otherwise might not get the spotlight at majors such as The Big House. The first of these events is going down this weekend: The Script.

Stylized as “The Script: Episode 1: ‘Race to the Finish,’” The Script is the first of a planned series to be hosted by the Xanadu team in Laurel Park, Maryland. VGBootCamp is marketing the first edition of the series as a Captain Falcon-centric event; the event’s reward shop includes fundraisers to help Captain Falcon players, such as Jason “Gahtzu” Diehl, fly out for the tournament, and its headliners are Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett and Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby. The tournament will also be hosting a 64-man F-Zero GX bracket.

There are plenty of other players to watch out for besides the tournament’s touted Captain Falcon attendees. Spanish top players Álvaro “Trif” García Moral and Roberto “Overtriforce” Iglesias will be in town for the event, as will other out-of-region heavy hitters such as Ryan “La Luna” Coker-Welch, Matt “Boyd” Reymann, and Charlie “AbsentPage” McKinley. In-region threats, including Jerry “Jerry” Powell and Diego “Cool Lime” Wheat, are also contenders for Top 8 at this stacked event. Currently, 105 individual entrants are slated to compete in the tournament’s Melee singles bracket.

If you want to scratch that Melee-viewing itch this weekend, look no further than The Script. You can catch the action live on Twitch all day Saturday and Sunday at VGBootCamp and VGBootCamp2.