The Showrunner of Netflix's THE WITCHER Series Promises it Won't Be Watered Down The Showrunner of Netflix's THE WITCHER Series Promises it Won't Be Watered Down


For the most part, it seemed like fans were really excited about Netflix developing The Witcher book and video game franchise into a series. However, some fans have expressed their concerns because they are worried that they won't get a faithful hardcore adaptation. One of these fans on Twitter, posted the following note:

"While this is true I hope they don't water down the harsh environment that were medieval times. The world of the Witcher is not a nice fantasy world where everyone is happy. Geralt as a voice of reason is fine, the world being a believable version of medieval Poland is important"

That's a valid concern. Whenever a hardcore and dark story is adapted fans worry that there will be some watering down going on. But, apparently, that won't be the case with The Witcher. The showrunner, writer, and producer of the series, Lauren S. Hissrich, responded to this comment on Twitter and in her response, she promises that the series will not be a watered down version of the story. 

So, for any of you with similar concerns, you can rest assured that you are probably going to get the faithful adaptation that you're hoping for. Hissrich also shared some photos teasing the work that she's doing on the series.

One of those tweets teased the locations. It was deleted, but you can see the image below. It gives us a look at the world in which The Witcher is set. There were also certain places flagged on the map including Creyden Hill. If you're familiar with the story, I'm sure you'll recognize these.


Here are the other tweets that were posted. Check them out and let us know if this news ups your excitement for The Witcher series!

The story centers on "witchers", who are hunters that develop supernatural powers at a young age. These powers allow them to battle deadly monsters. Executive producers Sean Daniel and Jason Brown previously released the following statement offering some insight into the story that the series will tell:

“The Witcher stories follow an unconventional family that comes together to fight for truth in a dangerous world. The characters are original, funny and constantly surprising and we can’t wait to bring them to life at Netflix, the perfect home for innovative storytelling.”

Do you think Lauren S. Hissrich and the creative team will actually be able to pull this series off in a way that will make fans happy?

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