THE SINKING CITY Gives More Cryptic Story Details In New Cinematic Trailer

Another H.P. Lovecraft inspired game that was announced at E3 2018 is showing promise to capture the atmosphere behind his classic horror tales. The Sinking City by Frogwares take you on a surreal, psychological investigative experience as you try to uncover the truth. If you want to see the game in action, they released this gameplay video that's worth checking out:

As you can see, this will be a true detective style game that doesn't hand out directions but rather makes you understand what is needed to be done. This is sure to be a title that heavily relies on and follows the story.

The story for The Sinking City is looking to engulf your interest with the crazy environment and events you will be forced through. It's shown off well in their latest cinematic trailer:

The Sinking City is set to launch March 21, 2019 for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. I recommend fans of strange, horror, and detective-style games to add it to their wishlist. What did you think of the creatively weird cinematic trailer?