The SOUL CALIBUR VI Character Roster Continues To Grow

As we continue to get closer to October 19th, which is when Bandai Namco will release Soul Calibur VI on PC, PS4, and XB1, more and more characters are revealed. Just a couple weeks ago we were shown this pretty impressive character reveal of Talim.

It seems are a lot of returning characters and only a handful of new ones for the next chapter in the Soul series. After all, returning characters with improved mechanics and combinations is what players prefer in fighting games. Earlier this week we were given another badass character reveal trailer, this time for Voldo.

I'm personally excited for Soul Calibur VI and testing my skill against some of the new characters, like Geralt, but also interested in learning some more lore through the game. It makes me wonder how many more characters we can expect.

Soul Calibur games always hold a wide variety of combat styles and character options. What else is missing that Bandai Namco can add to this well-balanced fighting game without making it unfair? Who else would people want to see added to the roster? While I'm happy with Kilik as my primary, it would be interesting to see someone from Mortal Kombat make it in, like Scorpion or Raiden.

Which character do you think would be an excellent addition to the Soul Calibur VI roster?