The Spirits From INFLICTION Are Finally Released

It wasn’t too long ago that we got a taste of what Caustic Reality had in store with their horror game Infliction. While there was no release date set, the excitement for the games full release was built off the short demo they shared on Steam. The wait is finally over though as Infliction has officially launched as of today!

Venture through a house while trying to find out why you are there and what lurks within the shadows. With a disturbing surrounding full of questionable moments and unnerving truths, players will need to make their way out of the house while avoiding the evil spirits that haunt the home.

If you saw my first impression of Infliction, then you already know that this horror game shows some serious promise. While it has a rather classic set up, knowing what is coming for you doesn’t make it any easier to handle! After playing the demo I found myself wondering how bad the things I don’t see coming are going to be.

With Infliction fully released on Steam as of today, now is the time to see just how brave you are in the face of certain danger. Do you have what it takes to face the spirits that haunt the shadows of a home that you don’t recognize?