THE SURGE 2 Announces Launch Date And Pre-Orders In E3 2019 Trailer


The sci-fi action continues in The Surge 2 by Deck 13 as they set to bring the next installment later this year. As featured in their E3 2019 trailer, we can expect The Surge 2 to launch on September 24th for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. They are also accepting pre-orders now which will offer the bonus DLC "the URBN gear pack.” If you pre-order for the PlayStation 4, you will also get a cool unique theme to use as well.

This cinematic trailer shows just how the action has slowed down even a little as he faces off a few grunts before the big machine comes out to play. It also features some new features and story elements for fans of the first game to notice and start getting excited for. Are you ready to step back into the violent sci-fi world?