The Synths of FALLOUT 4 are a More Real Threat Than We Thought

Grab your tinfoil hats and polish your boomstick. The world culture expert over at the Game Theorists, Gaijin Goomba, has a new theory on the dangers of advancements in robotics in Japan and how it relates to the rise of the Institute in Fallout 4. There are some minor spoilers in this video, so if you haven't played through the story campaigns in Fallout 4, it may ruin a couple surprises. I, for one, am usually not on board with fear behind the rise of artificial intelligence. I like to think our robot overlords will be more merciful than people give them credit for. This video does bring up some interesting points about how the hubris of man could cause AI to become a viable threat to our existence, Ultron style. Give it a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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