The Thieves Guild DLC Revealed For ELDER SCROLLS Online

In this video, Creative Director Rich Lambert of ZeniMax Online Studios introduces the new guild for Elder Scrolls Online, The Thieves Guild. Those who love the world of Tamriel as much as I do should be intrigued about the idea of committing all manner of thievery and dealing with the consequences that unfold. The stealthy gameplay associated with such quests have always yielded some very intense moments as you lurk in the shadows.

In the Southern tip of Hammerfell, you will begin your quest when you get wrangled up with a local guild that is on the brink of being dissolved. As your character becomes a more skillful thief, you’ll be taking on quests to rebuild The Thieves Guild in Hew’s Bane and restoring relevance to their name.

More details are to be released as this new DLC approaches release March 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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