The Two Great Games To Play For Free This Weekend

Weekend long trial periods to play a video game for free is one of the best ways for players to come to a definitive conclusion on whether they want to purchase the game or not. Sometimes this is held prior to the games launch, but in this weekends case we are looking at two 2018 launched titles that are looking to build their already large audience.

The first of the two to mention is available to many more players thanks to it being on multiple platforms. For players on either the PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, you can play Override: Mech City Brawl by The Balance Inc and Modus Games completely free until the end of January 20th. They are even hosting a sale for those who choose to buy it, so don’t wait too long to grab a permanent copy for yourself if you enjoy the free trial!

The next title is one for PlayStation VR owners to enjoy. Likely the most enjoyed VR shooter title on the PlayStation store, Firewall: Zero Hour by First Contact Entertainment Inc, is available to all PS Plus players until the end of January 20th as well. This shooter is best played with the aim controller, but can also be played with the regular DualShock 4 controller that comes standard with all PlayStation 4 systems. Even if you don’t end up getting this game in your library, it is a definite PSVR game standard setter if you ever wondered how great VR gaming could get.

With two great titles to check out this weekend, it is going to be hard to choose which one to put more time towards. Which of these two titles are you more excited to try out for free this weekend?