The Underdog Loses this Fight in an Internet Cafe Over CALL OF DUTY

Nobody likes to be in a game that has a troll in there, shooting off their mouth and bringing down the overall enjoyment of a game. Being the victim of the troll is much more infuriating than the usual agitation when you get stuck listening to a basher; especially when they're not even good at it!

After what must of been one of the most annoying trolls in history, he actual gave away his physical location while mocking their victim. I'm guessing after a hard game of loss, this grudge holding player turned off his system and made his way down to the internet cafe in order to confront the troll, but is quick to learn just how bad of an idea that was!

Check out this video, uploaded by YouTuber Fight Videos, and witness the backlash of trying to confront a troll that is not only better than you at the game, but much bigger than you in real life. Should of just let it go bro.

Source: Ozzyman