The Vague Trailer Revealed For HALO INFINITE At E3 Is All They Need To Build Hype

The E3 2018 announcement trailer released for Halo Infinite is beyond vague. Showing very little of what we can expect, both gameplay and story wise, it is hardly a trailer and more of a teaser. The good news is that we got confirmation that the Halo franchise isn't over just yet. Check out the teaser trailer:

The most iconic moment is when you see master chief, who is just off screen enough that you can only see his leg, holding his helmet to his side. Does this mean that we will finally see what he looks like under that mask? What part of the timeline is this going to take place? There are just too many questions to ask and practically no answers provided from their trailer.

Hopefully the action will continue with what the Halo series is known for, providing some classic and new gun types to use. I'm also interested to see if they plan to use the Halo 4 online multiplayer style or return to the classic games set up.

What are your thoughts and hopes on the Halo Infinite teaser announcement?