THE WALKING DEAD Board Game Is Charging An Outrageous $125 For The Full Game

This is one of the reasons I hate licensed games. Cryptozoic (who out of all board game developers are among my favorites for what it's worth) is asking a high price for the officially licensed Walking Dead: No Sanctuary game. While you can purchase a "bare bones" (I would call it 'incomplete') version of the game for $40, the retail version of the game with the expansion (which is the only package deal you can Kickstart beyond "bare bones") will run $125. That's insane no matter how good a game may be.

I'm guessing this is justified by the figurines as they are the only component missing from the "bare bones" to full game. The figurines are pretty decent don't get me wrong, but man that's a markup. If you want Lori Grimes you gotta shell out $450! It's insane, but let's get away from the price and talk about the game itself.

While there are a ton of zombie games already on the tabletop market, this one is truly as Walking Dead as it can get aesthetics aside. This game actually relies on leadership and group tension and disputes can cause issue within the game.

We'll be trying it out at Gen Con so I'll give my full opinion then, but for now, all I'm saying is if I'm paying over $100 for Walking Dead tabletop I better sure as s*** better have Shane or T-Dog in my miniatures and I see neither. See a playthrough of the game below, and if you're looking to become a Kickstarter backer click here.