THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: FINAL REMIX On The Switch Won't Support The Pro Controller

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A few days ago, Nintendo revealed that the upcoming Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch will not include support to the console’s Pro controller. This decision is understandable given the nature of Mario Party, which is better played using the Joy-Cons anyway. Now, the upcoming port of Square Enix’s The World Ends With You, seems to be following the footsteps of Nintendo as the developer announced that they too won’t include support for the controller. 

This information was confirmed to US Gamer during a Nintendo demo event at PAX West 2018. Square Enix previously stated that The World Ends With You on the Switch will take advantage of the Joy-Con’s motion controls in TV mode, and the console’s touchscreen capabilities on handheld mode. Moreover, the game will allow a second player to join for a co-op game by using another Joy-Con. 

Given the gameplay mechanics of both Super Mario Party and The World Ends With You, it is understandable that both games will not include support for the Pro Controller as both developers designed their games with the Switch’s Joy-Cons in mind. 

What do you think of these games bailing on the Pro Controller? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Source: US Gamer

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