The YAKUZA 6 Demo Is Now Back On PSN


After Sega accidentally released the full Yakuza 6 game instead of the demo, the developer has now re-uploaded the correct version of the trial, which is now available on the PlayStation Network.

A few weeks ago, some lucky users were able to access the full Yakuza 6 game instead of just the prologue as initially intended by Sega. Once the developer noticed the error in the demo version, they were quick to remove the preview off PSN and revoked access for players who have already downloaded the game. Now, Sega re-uploaded the demo and revealed that the save data of players in the preview, will be carried over to the release of the full game. However, any trophies earned during the demo will have to be unlocked again once the game has been launched. 

For those players who were able to access the game past the original demo, the new version of the preview “should be unable to load save data past that point, but the full game will be able to load it just fine,” Sega stated

A few days ago, the Yakuza 6 art exhibit concluded and the developers revealed that Yakuza Kiwami 2, which was previously released in Japan, will also be launched in the West on August 28, 2018. This game will serve as the remaster of the 2006 title, Yakuza 2. You can check out the details of the game here.  

Yakuza 6 will be officially released worldwide on April 17, 2018, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. You can check out all the special editions and pre-order bonuses available for the upcoming title here

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