THE HUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD is Absolutely Gorgeous

The wind rustles through the trees as the long grass crunches beneath your feet. A flock of birds chirps overhead as you look up to see the sun shining through the tall forest canopy. A small rabbit jumps to your left as your draw your gun and follow the sound of a whitetail buck off to your right...

Forget BIG BUCK HUNTER HD that you played whilst drunk at the bar or arcade. Although you should hearken back, if you're old enough, to the days of OREGON TRAIL and marvel in how far we've come in both technology and sheer experience in gaming. THE HUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD is the pinnacle of the hunting experience on any system. It's a slow burn but oh so rewarding when you bag your first buck or charged by a black bear. The game is available now.

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