There are Finally Dragons in ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE


Zenimax Online has announce in February there will be a large update to the Elder Scrolls Online Universe. It will be a two-dungeon DLC pack called Dragon Bones.  The dungeons are called Starcaller Peak and  Fang Lair each will have a normal and veteran mode just like all the other dungeons in the game with a hard mode for the final dungeon boss. Both of these new dungeons put players up against the reanimated bones of an ancient dragon, as well as familiar enemies from the game like ogres, sorcerers, and the undead. 

On top of adding new dungeons, there will also be new loot include items, monster sets, collectibles, and achievements as well as a Renegade Dragon Priest Mask that you will get just by entering one of the dungeons. 

This update accompanying the dungeon releases will also include:

  • The Outfit system: Which will make it so you can change the look of your equipment. (I'm assuming this will be similar to the transmog system in World of Warcraft)
  • Two New Battlegrounds: Mor Khazgu, an orc stronghold, and the Dwarven ruins knows as Deeping Drome
  • Home Storage System: Players can finally lock their good safely in their purchased homes
  • New quality of life additions: Level up skill advisers and improvements to combat

For those looking to get back into either the Elder Scrolls universe or to experience a massive (and in my opinion) supremely underrated MMO now may be a good time to join in the adventures in Tamriel. 

For more details on what will be in the release of the most recent update visit the ESO website