These GameCube-Inspired Controllers Are Coming To The Switch This October


Accessory maker Hori just revealed three new designs for its Classic Controller line for the Nintendo Switch. The company introduced GameCube-themed Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon controllers and all three will be available in October. 

The controllers will connect to the Switch via a USB cable and will feature a lightweight design so it's easy on the hands and will allow for more extended periods of play. All controllers will have a textured surface on the handles for a stronger grip. Moreover, L/R and ZL/ZR triggers can be reassigned. 

Lastly, players should know that given these controllers are not officially manufactured by Nintendo, features such as gyro sensor, IR camera, the acceleration sensor, HD Rumble, and NFC reader will not be present as reported by Nintendo Life. The controllers are priced at $29 each upon release. 

What do you think of these controllers? Will you get one for your Switch?

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