Check Out The Launch Trailer For The Crazy PSVR Title THESEUS

Showing off a mysterious footage reel in their trailer is intriguing and confusing at the same time. Theseus by Forge Reply is going to be a difficult game where you must battle your way through enemies, complete various parkour-style challenges, and face the mighty Minotaur beast that rules this world in order to make it through alive!

Your only friend will be the voice of Ariadne who will help guide you through the labyrinth and bring you to the heart, and truth, of the mysterious surrounding this place! Players can get their hands on this PSVR title on July 26th and enjoy the challenges within the labyrinth!

Check out the Trailer:

Filippo Rizzante, CEO of Forge Reply, had stated,

“We wanted to take a classic story and tell it in a way that has never been done before,”

which brings me to believe that even if you think you might know what's going on, you don't.

I love a good mystery and a good challenge, so this is an easy one to add to the game library stock for sure! Do you think you can take on the Minotaur? Are you brave enough to venture through this labyrinth?