This Extremely Good THE WITCHER 3 Deal Sold Amazingly Fast


Last week, The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for the PS4 became available to download for only $20. As someone who still hasn’t been able to join the Witcher bandwagon, I was really hoping for a price drop, and when I came across this deal, I got excited and fired up my PS4. 

Unfortunately, I missed this great offer as it got sold out really fast and according to Amazon, they still have no idea whether the deal will be available again (it probably won’t). The deal included of course the full Witcher 3 game, including all additional DLCs to date, which is a really good buy that’s why it sold as fast as it did.

If you’re still looking to buy, the Game Of The Year edition of the game is available on the PSN Store for $49.99, however, the Steam version of the game is way cheaper at $39.99 so if you have a powerful enough PC, this is the best deal there is so far. If you're looking for good games that are on sale for the PS4 right now, check out their weekly deals here, where some games are priced 50% off. 

This goes to show that even after the game was released two and a half years ago, people are still just discovering the third installment to the series. Maybe just like me, there are still people out there who haven’t discovered this game that is apparently the best, and the last Witcher game.

Did you miss this deal too? Or do you already own and played the game? If so, tell us, who still haven't played The Witcher 3, what we're missing. 

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