This Is How Colonel Sanders Got To Be In WWE 2K18


For those who missed the news dropped at Sunday night's WWE Hell In A Cell PPV, KFC's Colonel Sanders is getting added to WWE 2K18. Players will be able to access the Colonel through the game's Create A Superstar mode, and will hopefully then be able to cut promos about fried chicken. 

It seems super random for a collaboration like this to happen, but those who have been following wrestling for the past year and a half are almost completely unsurprised by this news. Those who haven't been following wrestling...just watch this:

Yeah, Colonel Sanders isn't just portrayed by washed up comedians anymore. In fact, the most recent appearance of the colonel was at last Sunday's PPV in which WWE Legend and former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle put on the suit for a short match to promote KFC products. 


One would think wrestling fans would get furious at this bit of tomfoolery in their sports entertainment, but the ads seem to be universally loved by the WWE universe. It's probably due to the fact that even the youngest fan can tell you wrestling is fake, but also because it's about as good as KFC marketing gets. 

As far as the Colonel's inclusion into the game (which releases October 17th), it's not like product placement like this hasn't happened before. In fact, when I first read this news I was instantly reminded of when Dave Mirra BMX 2 added "Slim Jim Guy"

And now we've come full circle....