This is The Most Obscure Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun


While browsing Reddit this morning it was brought to my attention by the user /u/multiviti76 that there is a crazy category for Super Mario Odyssey speed-runs that a lot of people don't know about. This speedrun in essence is all about reaching 1000 coins in the game and purchasing the boxer shorts costume from the Crazy Cap Vendors. The run has been dubbed 'the nipple%'

A simple Youtube search resulted in a BUNCH of videos where players all around the world attempt to reach the number one spot, which is currently being held by Stravos96 from the US at 9 minutes and 57 seconds. You can watch him in the trailer below, but his main strategy was to collect as many of the coins in key spots in the Cap Kingdom and then rush to the next level Cascade Kingdom where he used the T-Rex to farm a large amount of coins before moving on to the sand kingdom to finish things off.  You can watch the run in it's entirety below:

It's crazy to watch any speed-run, even an obscure one like 'the nipple%', so much time and energy dedicated to completing something so perfectly. What are some other crazy speed runs that exist? I would love to know more! Leave them in the comments below!