This SLENDERMAN THE EIGHT PAGES Fan Film Is Comically Scary


The boys over at Oddest of the Odd keep on pushing out more fan films to cover all the great titles in the game industry! Not long after pushing out their Friday the 13th: The Game in real life video we are getting one on a classic title that has a full fledged movie coming soon.

Slenderman: The Eight Pages is a classic horror title featuring one of the best Creepy Pasta monsters to be created and become a public horror icon. With the little bit that is known about Slenderman and all the well known facts that took place around the myth of his existence, the Odd crew have created one of the best fan films on one of my top mysterious creatures out there. Check it out:

I love the fact that they incorporate what they believe he looks like without the mask on. Of course, with a creature based on pure myth arguments could go both ways to say that it isn't a mask at all. If it were a mask, and it were removed, I think they did a perfect caption of what his true face would look like.

The light-hearted, care free attitude of the remaining members of the team after finding their "friends" dead or accepting that they have gone missing helps hold the comical aspect while hindering the horror behind it. That would be my only complaint, but they fixed that at the end when the final two enter the house and find the images everywhere. The short film took a hard turn at that point that I wasn't expecting based the build up to the moment.

The scene that really tied the whole thing together, for me, was having the unplugged TV play the news report of the real event that happened in regards to Slenderman. If you are choosing to read this before watching the movie above, I will say this vaguely for you - incorporating that to be more than just a scare moment with the TV and taking it to a more personal, almost surreal level left me stunned for a moment.

It is a great fan film and easily among my favorites of the Oddest of the Odd's short films. Number one and two films will hard to top seeing as the Silent Hills in real life videos are true art, if you ask me. What are your thoughts on Slenderman: The Eight Pages in real life?