This Starkiller Cosplayer Deserves A Spot In The 501st!

Guys we need to do some Geek justice here. Reddit user EvilParker says he was approached at Dragoncon by a member of the 501st for admittance into one of the most exclusive cosplay groups out there, and hasn't heard back from anyone! That's a damn shame because this Starkiller cosplay from The Force Unleashed deserves a place of glory! Here's his full story via his comments on Reddit...

I'm registered on the FlagshipEclipse forums. The detachment leader is actually the one who talked to me at Dragoncon... He said he'd support my application to the 501st, but I'd need to go through my local garrison for approval. I sent them submission photos, but they never got back to me.

Hopefully it was a mistake and the 501st does right by him! I really like this work! It's even more impressive considering he made it all himself!