This Wearable Controller Lets Disabled And Advanced Gamers Play Their Way!


A device simply known as BCON is revolutionizing the control system we currently know in the game industry. This device is meant to be worn on your head or foot and will make any game you are playing interact with your movements, freeing up your hands and giving you more control. Not only is it helpful, it is easy to set up and provides options to players looking to reach the pro league, as well as disable gamers!

It can even pick up slight movements to make it easy and possible for all users of the controller. BCON is available online and only costs €69.00, or $78.63 USD. It came to be through a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2018 and has already won multiple awards! If you aren’t already excited to use this device on your PC, Console, and/or Mobile gaming system, then check out the latest trailer and see it in action.