This Website Will Help You Find New Tabletop Games You’ll Enjoy


Have you ever felt like you wanted to get a new tabletop game, but wasn’t sure which games would suit your tastes? I know that’s a struggle for me and my friends. We get that itch for a new game, but worry that a certain game won’t quite meet our standards and the friendly local game store (FLGS) doesn’t always have demos of games we want to play. 

Well, the team at Board Game Finder aim to help relieve some of that stress. You simply enter a game title, game category, or even a game mechanic and it will populate a list of games that you may enjoy. You can combine several terms to really narrow things down, too. For instance, I searched for a cooperative, worker placement game similar to Pandemic and the top match is Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. It will tell you how high of a match it is (76% in this case) a rating (7.8) and you can click on it for more details such as an overview, number of players, and a complexity level.


Now, this is not a perfect system, but it does really well to help give suggestions on what can sometimes be a daunting task of discovering a new game to play.

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