Editorial: Thoughts on Possibility of Snapdragon Surface Tablet

Over the last year or two Microsoft has been expanding their Surface line to include a more traditional laptop and even a desktop, not to mention all the Surface accessories. Is a new budget Surface in the works? Up until the Surface 4, there have been two versions of the Surface: Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro. The Pro was always a more powerful version and until Windows 10, the non-Pro version had a watered-down version of Windows.

However, maybe that will change as Qualcomm releases Snapdragon 835. If Microsoft plays their cards right, we could see the non-Pro line of Surface come back with a snappy processor that is more affordable than their $799 minimum price tag. Of course, it wouldn’t be able to do everything as well as the Surface Pro, but it could be a great option for the average user. It would be able to run Windows 10 and support full on applications such as Office and the Adobe suite.

I know Microsoft and Qualcomm have announced working together on a smartphone, and are probably aiming at putting this new processor in what I only imagine they’re going to call the Surface Phone, but why not extend the processor’s use to tablets as well?