Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is Fantastic Mix of Different Genres


A Game for the Fans

Let’s face it, CD Projekt Red is probably one of the best, if not thee best game developers out there. Their attention to detail and quality, unflinching fight against DRM, and commitment to the Witcher series is quite something. After playing the latest side-tale, Thronebreaker for the last week or so, I’ve come away surprised but overall, pleased with the studio taking some risks by not doing the norm or predictable. This is a week of surprised after Fallout 76 genuinely surprised me for taking same said risks, Thronebreaker is definitely a game for the fans though and a surprisingly less mature chapter in the Witcher universe.

The whole game is like a water colored painting in true Witcher style.

Mixed Nuts

Going into Thronebreaker, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Well, IMHO this is a rare mix of Gwent style card game, RPG with major decisions to make along the way, and even more rare, a Heroes of Might and Magic-esque blend of resource gathering, building, and finding secrets on the overhead map as you follow along the main quest. It was cool to go off the beaten path and dig up hidden treasure. Now, this isn’t an immense open world like the last few entries in the game but it’s fresh, fun, and mixes a ton of different genre-bending ideas into a whole that just.. works. The CD Projekt Red quality is on full display from the art style, to the fantastic voice actors and the detailed (some animated) playing cards.

Playing as the powerful Queen Meve, you can choose to respect the peasants and followers.. or crush them.

Give it a Whirl

In my mind, CD Projekt Red deserves all the support it can get, not only for the reasons mentioned but they just bring a passion to their games that is becoming increasingly rare. If you are a Witcher fan at all, pick it up. If you long for the days of HOMM or any other top down style RPG, pick it up. Finally, if want something different that doesn’t fit in a nice, neat little box or genre, pick it up. You can thank me later. Thronebreaker is available for PC now on GOG and Steam with console support coming in December 2018.