tinyBuild Announces New Games And More At PAX West!

PAX West is one of the bigger gaming conventions that takes place each year. It is one of the many times that developers and publisher get together to announce new games, updates, gameplay footage, and other aspects that relate to their many current titles. To no surprise, one of the developers that made their way there was tinyBuild and they arrived with a bunch of stuff to announce!

Starting with the updates and news on current titles of theirs, they have announced that SpeedRunners by DoubleDutch Games is finally making its way on to the Nintendo Switch. A title that has sold over 7 million units is now going to be available on the go for players to speed their way through the levels from anywhere.

Their recently released title Pathologic 2 by Ice-Pick Lodge is going to be getting a free DLC called The Marble Nest. It is still currently in the works, but soon the open-world horror adventure will be expanded even further for those who have already purchased the game.

Taking the Neighbor series to a multiplayer playground where players work together to find their way into the basement in their next title Secret Neighbor by Hologryph. While there have been a few open betas for the game so far, the official release date for both Steam and Xbox One has been set for Halloween!

Now we can move on to the new games! There is a mixture of funny and serious games coming up that are sure to catch the attention of some players. This publisher offers quite the variety of games that it really is no surprise to see that they have games for every type of player at this point and continue to bring out an interesting mix of titles. While currently all of the new games announced are planned only to launch on PC, there is always hope they will come to console in the future.

First of the four games they announced is a silly, multiplayer game where players control wild men who are fighting with their freshly cooked ramen soup. In RAWMEN by ANIMAL you will find the gameplay is nothing but hardcore online soup shenanigans.

Next up is a top-down open world shooter game called Black Skylands by Hungry Couch Games. In this title you will be an airship captain who is looking to reach a scavenger’s paradise, but to do so you must fight your way through hordes of monsters and find peace for your people. Can you survive the times of airship battles?

In the continuation of simulation games, they have also announced a dystopian propaganda simulator game called Not For Broadcast by NotGames. This narrative-driven simulator takes place in a news control room of a 1980’s TV studio. Control what the people see and what they don't as the government tightens its grip. Will you censor the news and be rewarded, or fight for the truth and live with the consequences?

The final game announced is a psychological horror game called Once Upon a Time in Roswell by Quarter Circle Games. This game is a first-person horror that chronicles the story of the families disappearance in 1947 in Roswell, USA. Explore the home, whilst witnessing horrific flashbacks and otherworldly entities!

If you are going to be able to stop by PAX West this year, I recommend giving tinyBuild a visit. Not only will some of these new game announcements have a playable version there for you to check out, but they offer something a little more unique as well; the opportunity to play Graveyard Keeper in an actual coffin!

From the list of new games announced above and being a horror fan myself, I would have to say that Once Upon a Time in Roswell is the game I am most looking forward, but this mixture of game types is sure to have at least one title to catch your attention. Which one of these announcements are you most looking forward to?