TITANFALL 2 Is Getting More Free Content

Earlier today Respawn announced via the Titanfall 2 official site that their wildly entertaining Sci-Fi shooter will be receiving some updates very soon. A new mode called Live Fire is being added into the mix. Its described as a frantic fast paced 6v6 battle that will challenge the best of pilots. The goal is to simply eliminate the opposing team in one minute; no respawns and no Titans. Now there is another objective other than slaughtering the red team. The winner is also determined If either team grabs the neutral flag and maintains ownership by the end of the round. In addition to the new mode there will also be two new small scale maps specifically tailored to the Pilots only mode: Stacks and Meadow. The two can be briefly seen below.

Respawn is also including an extra map for the popular Coliseum mode and a brand-new execution to humiliate your friends. Lastly, the user interface and matchmaking will be given a fresh coat of paint as well. Due to community feedback, our friends at Respawn are trying to make our life easier and create a more fluid and simplistic approach to selecting matches. Being able to create a custom mixtape, or playlist, will allow players to only play the modes they want without interruption.

It seems like Respawn and EA are holding up to their promise of free content. It'll be interesting to see how long these free updates will last and exactly how much content we will be seeing. We were left with an optimistic message to reassure Titanfall 2 fans that more content is on the way, along with a DLC road map that will be revealed within the coming weeks.