Titanium Stresser DDoS Hacking Tool Creator Gets Two Years in Jail

Adam Mudd created a tool, at 15 years old, known as Titanium Stresser, which is used to hack Playstation and Xbox LIVE, and distributed it to thousands of hackers. This tool has been traced to be the source of 1.7 million DDoS attacks across the globe, putting Adam Mudd at fault.

The UK court that sentenced him to two years in prison, for the global DDoS attacks and making direct profit from cybercrime, estimates that he made over $500 million over the last four years and carried 594 DDoS attacks to 181 IP addresses between 2013 and 2015 himself.

All I have to say about this is: Good! The punk deserves the jail time and probably even more so than just two years. He is the reason people have been able to easily start hacking gamers accounts and likely was the source of a few server failures that have happened over the years!

Many ask what the biggest enemy against gamers is, and while Lag and Lack of Funds are close runner-ups, Hackers are by far the biggest enemy and this guy provided the ability to thousands! Completely ridiculous.

Source: Tweak Town