Top 3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Jump Back into World of Warcraft

Let's face it, even just saying the phrase "World of Warcraft" is almost like saying "Republican or Democrat?". It brings up emotion, energy, even perhaps love or hate. While may some be indifferent, most gamers have had an encounter or stint playing WoW. For me, I'll spare you the long details but let's say that my marriage was once on the rocks because I had to be to that 40 main Molten Core raid. The years have passed but WoW remains firm in Blizzard's repertoire and honestly, I think the game is better than it has been in a long time. No, it's not the same vanilla experience some of fell in love with but, there are many reasons why you should jump back in or perhaps try it for the first time, right now. Here are a few of said reasons.

1. The Invasion Events are a Riot and You Can Get Some Amazing Gear

Honestly, getting good gear used to be nigh impossible for casual players while most of the loot was being horded (pun intended) by top raiders and those who lived in grandmas basement and never showered, totally hogging ALL THE GEAR AND RUINING... oh wait, phew, let's bring it back. No reason to lose it now. All can get ilvl 700 gear at level 100 through the Invasion event. If you're running behind on leveling, you can great gear AND tons of XP doing these events. You're welcome. And with said gear you can do the next thing on the list...

2. Steamrolling Through Old Raids and Content is an Absolute Blast

I never made it through Molten Core. Nope, not even one single piece of gear. Who cares though because, now, you can steamroll through any old raid, even the Cataclysm content you may have missed. At level 100, you can absolutely destroy almost anything in your path and reap all that loot for yourself and sell it on the auction house. Soloing Black Temple 25 man or better yet, ICC 25 man Heroic solo? Yes, please.

3. Legion is Coming and It Looks Superb

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all wish WoW 2 was coming but for now, we have another expansion coming and it looks to correct a lot of what Warlords did wrong. Garrisons, luckily, will not be the focus any more but Class Halls, new level cap, Demon Hunter class, and much more make us pumped for what is in store. It launches Aug 31st so you still have time to jump in and either do the level 100 boost or Invasion up to be prepped. See you online peeps!