Top 5 Hidden Gems for the Holidays on Nintendo Switch


The Holiday Season is kicking off and there are a ton of quality games to play on every system. Alas, the Nintendo Switch has gotten a lot of love as of late and I am enjoying it more than my old, dead heart could have ever imagined. Here is a short but sweet list of five games, all fantastic, but may have flown under your radar. All of them are available now so what are you waiting for?!

Everspace - Stellar Edition

An absolute joy and challenge to play, what I would call Dark Souls in space. You start out with a basic ship but blast your way through waves of baddies, all in hopes you don’t get blasted out into the vacuum of space and have to start at the very beginning. Don’t fear though, you get better and better upgrades, weapons, and shields. This is a must buy and absolutely stunning on the Switch.

Forgotton Anne

How did I miss this game…?! Like playing a living, breathing animated feature, I am totally blown away but not only the amazing art style of this game but that it is truly seamless in storytelling, action sequences and puzzle solving. Ever wanted to play a haunting, yet charming fully animated feature? Well, now is your chance and oh what a beautiful chance it is…

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Another piece of art in motion that stemmed from the comic books illustrated by Joe Madureira that mixes a gorgeous art style with extremely solid RPG elements. Perfect for long trips on the plane, train or in the automobile, your RPG itch will be more than scratched. This is a huge and detailed adventure that any fans of comics or RPGs shouldn’t hesitate to dive into.

Warriors Orochi 4

Even though a bit more publicized than some of the other titles on our list, Warriors Orochi 4 is a both a technical and content laden marvel on the Switch. First off, I’ve played the game on multiple system but prefer it on handheld because it’s basically the perfect time killer for any situation. Also, it runs smoothly, looks amazing and is chock full of hundreds of playable characters over huge and lengthy campaigns. Honestly, this is my fave entry for from the genre and it’s best suited for the Switch IMHO.

Atari Flashback Classics

Christmas 1982. Our family got an Atari 2600 from Santa and this truly spared my love and interest not only in video games but electronics, audio visual design, and even my career. Now, you have play dozens of these classics such as Asteroids, Millipede , Haunted House and Combat that defined a whole generation, especially the one I belong too. The menu system is sleek, the titles plentiful (but where is Pitfall?!) and the scanline graphic filters are perfect. I love retro gaming and this is Atari at it’s finest.