Top 5 — Properties That Deserve a BATTLEFRONT Spin-Off

We've been waiting for years for a new Star Wars Battlefront, and finally the day is upon us.  That which we have wished for has been granted by the great gods of Video Games.  Will it be good? Will it be everything we wished for?  That is to be determined, but one thing is for sure, us geeks need something new to complain about and want to come out.  So on the subject of Battlefront games, I decided to do a top 5 of universes that could have their own Battlefront games worth playing.  Because if Star Wars can do it, why not others?

5 - Lord of the Rings Battlefront

Imagine, picking great battles in the LOTR history and waging all out war with swords and arrows. This could have been higher on the list, but the matter of the fact was it is just an obvious choice. In making this list, the first game that came to my mind was a Lord of the Rings Battlefront. If you earn enough kills, you could play as Gandalph or Gimli. Smash through hordes of Orcs, or play as them. It would ROCK! A medieval battlefront game with old school weapons and heroes we all know and love. There are plenty of lands to have war in and plenty of lore to delve deeper into. Warner Bros, why isn't this game made already. Its a money printing machine! 

4 - Marvel Battlefront

Hydra. S.H.I.E.L.D. Years of history battling each other. Now that war is at your fingertips. Sure, a lot of people are wondering why not DC? And the answer is simple. DC heroes would be way too overpowered. At least the ones you'd want to play with. Superman could take an army on by himself. And Batman doesn't usually play with others. With Marvel, you've got all sorts of heroes who have worked with the government before as well as villains who have worked with villainous agencies like Hydra or AIM. Imagine fighting in World War II alongside Captain America or in the battle for New York with Iron Man. Maybe even teaming up with Hydra and attacking the Avengers mansion. The possibilities are limitless. With so many iconic battles and known characters, this game would be the best!

Not to mention the guys over at THQ Australia even started working on an Avengers first person shooter around the time the first movie came out. But with the fall of THQ came the end of this project...

3 - Harry Potter Battlefront

Ya, I know Harry Potter isn't really the kind of game you would make into a battlefront, but I figured I'd shake things up a bit with this one. Just hear me out.  Think of being pre-loaded with certain spells or a broomstick to fly on. A first person magic based shooter hasn't really been done and I'd play the crap out of that. Some spells could be used for obstacles and some are just attack spells.  You would pick your side and your spells for a certain battle. There are plenty of well known characters that you could earn to play. It would certainly put a twist on Battlefront games that hasn't been done. For the most part a shooter is a shooter. But in this, all your weapons would be magic wands, maybe even different kinds of wands. Dumbledore's Army vs Voldemort's eh... army.  I'll admit, I don't know Potter lore that well, but that would just mean you'd be opening up Harry to a whole new kind of people.

2 - Civilization Battlefront

This is my personal favorite one, but not the one I thought would be widely favorite.  I think a Civilization Battlefront would be rad.  You'd pick your army from different era's.  Your loadouts would be based on which civilization you chose. For example, Spartans would be loaded out with spears and shields or swords, and Nordic Warriors may have axes.  History could be meddled with, but not just from top down. Indians vs Egyptians, Persians vs Colonists, Hitler Vs Gandhi!  Your heroes could be some of the world's greatest leaders. Imagine Alexander the Great fighting against a samurai in first person.  This would be the best game.  So many different settings.  Time itself is the battlefront.

1 - StarCraft Battlefront

For years, my friends and I have debated how a StaCraft MMO would be played, and the fact of the matter is, that StarCraft wouldn't exactly fit an MMO... But it would fit a Battlefront.  Almost TOO perfectly.  You already have set classes with different loadouts.  You just have to play from a different perspective.  You play as the Marines on the ground taking out Zerglings.  Or maybe you are the Zergling fighting against the Protoss. Do well enough, and suddenly you've unlocked Kerrigan, or Raynor, or Xeratul! StarCraft is a fantastic game and has proven that with it's most recent expansion. Now imagine reliving some of the coolest StarCraft battles but as the soldiers. StarCraft Ghost would have been awesome, but this? This is so much more than an FPS.  This is how StarCraft should be lived. Blizzard, I know you and I... we've had our differences in the past, but please, make this happen.  I just... *sniff* I just want this game to come true.

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