Top 5 Superhero Games That Need To Be Announced In 2019

Superhero movies and shows have been on the rise in the past few years and then we got an amazing Spider-Man game in 2018. This game proved to show a huge fan base and love for the superhero action games with thousands, if not millions, of players doing everything they have to in order to get their hands on a copy. So why aren’t there other superhero focused games coming out?

I am not talking about a mixed superhero game like Ultimate Alliance, but the ones that focus solely on a specific superhero within their own comic book locations. We have had games focused on The Hulk and Iron-man in the past, but where are all of these hero games now? Just in some mash-up title that lets you choose from a cast of heroes? That’s cool and all, but here’s a list of the Top 5 Superheroes that need their own game announced in 2019.



Putting players in the Stark Iron-Man suit and letting them fly through the city is literally the first superhero that comes to mind. He isn’t too different from a Spider-Man game, but the controls and experience would be more than enough of a change to bring in multiple players. Plus, most of his action isn’t hand-to-hand, but rather various forms of guns and rockets that fly off his suit. I guess it would be completely different from Spider-Man, but that is my point! Let us have to maintain fuel, ammo, and suit durability while fighting off enemies of all kinds and putting an end to whatever terrorist act is going on at the time.

Wonder Woman

Probably one that many didn’t think of is Wonder Woman. This superhero is full of new game mechanic opportunities though! Imagine being able to deflect bullets with the flick of your wrist, chase down bad guys full of information and bring that Red Dead Redemption 2 lasso skill back out for a way to grab them for some forceful interrogation, and then the fact that you can be one of the most badass women ever in some brutal hand-to-hand beat downs. Sure, you won’t be able to fly or anything mid combat, but you would certainly get to do an air chase in the invisible jet!


Take a visit to Asgard and find out what monstrosity is out to take over humanity this time in the boots of Thor himself. Wielding the power of thunder and the mighty hammer, you would get to use immense strength to send bad guys literally flying! This game could easily bring the old hack n’ slash style from God of War mixed with the supernatural powers of a usual RPG to allow players to wield thunder in ways never thought possible. Plus, there would be nothing more satisfying than basically tazing an enemy to hold them in place before whipping them with the hammer in your own personal Home Run Contest, am I right?

The Hulk

Turning into a giant green beast that can smash anything, from buildings to army tanks, is more than enough reason to want a new Hulk game! Fighting the urge to let your anger get the best of you while looking for a way to maintain yourself and the safety of Earth would make for quite the interesting campaign. With how far video games have come today, there would be some interesting twists where your mission is more focused on you controlling yourself over actually fighting. This shouldn’t be the main mission type, as I am sure everybody would agree that going around smashing everything in sight would be tons of fun, but would make for an interesting mechanic nonetheless.


Probably my most bias of choices, but Daredevil should certainly get his own game. Mixing the law abiding lawyer aspect into the game as a puzzle incentive, with real work detective objectives, insane parkour that could compete with Mirror’s Edge, and the most difficult and strange visual mechanic of all the heroes, I don’t see how Daredevil could possibly be a bad choice! There is literally countless options when it comes to what they could do with a blind superhero and I would love to see at least one version done soon.

With so many superheroes to choose from, it was hard to only pick five for this list. Honestly, I would love to see so many more superheroes get their own game and let players play out all of the different kind of adventures that we have read in the comics. Bringing players into a fantasy world and letting them be anybody they desire is the goal of video games after all, right?

What do you think of my Top 5 Superhero Games list? Which Superheroes would make your own Top 5 list?