The Long Awaited Total War: Three Kingdoms finally has an announcement trailer. If you are like me, and love the Total War games, this video will give you goosebumps. The game features some beautiful cinematics, as well as hints of a possible story about, you guessed it, three different kingdoms coming together to overthrow a tyrant. 

The game itself is centered around the year 190CE when the warlord Dong Zhuo controls most of the land. His power has been growing and with it the country has been thrown into a state of Anarchy and chaos. The heroes of the game are three individuals who have sworn to protect the people, as they band together along with a small coalition of forces to try to over throw Zhuo and his terrible regime. 

The game looks to not only throw you against the tyrant leader Zhou, but also against the three allies themselves as their loyalties and desires shift. In the trailer you will see the once allied brotherhood separate and fight each other in the middle of a huge war. It will be interesting to see how that story plays out and how much it changes based on the faction you choose to play the game as. 

Though the Game isn’t slated to release until This coming fall, hopefully this trailer will be enough to wet your palate for now.