ToxicxEternity Riffs Off His Metal Guitar Cover of FINAL FANTASY VII - MAKO REACTOR

ToxicxEternity has been making some wicked metal guitar covers of games. His latest one is Mako Reactor from Final Fantasy VII. Here it is below:

I am a massive fan of metal game covers on guitar, often trying some out myself. I also have electric and bass guitars, but I focus mostly on the lead solos and rhythm riffs. These guys are my idols though, as they go to lengths of recording the lead solos, rhythm pieces and bass before finally putting them altogether.

And ToxicxEternity doesn't disappoint.  He plays through the pieces like a masterpiece, putting his own touch to it while adding some headbanging for some rock choreography. One cannot fault his movement from one piece to another, but it does make me wonder how long it took him to perfect this song and where he gets the stamina to do these videos online.

What did you think? Did he adequately adapt the Final Fantasy song into a rock version, or did you not find it appealing? If there is a metal guitar artist you feel better interprets game covers, please let me know.