Toys "R" Us Is Going All Out To Ensure Everyone Gets A Fair Shot At The SNES Classic


While most retailers wasted no time in ensuring their entire stock of SNES Classics were sold at whatever cost minutes after going live, Toys "R" Us is looking to do something different. The retailer announced that there would be no pre-orders coming out of their store, only one customer each will be given a console, and a majority of its stores will have copies in stock. 

Honestly, it sounds like the smartest thing a retailer can do considering the insane amount of hype surrounding this item and how many will undoubtedly line up to attempt to get one the day of launch (9/29). To me, it sounds like stores would want a huge amount of foot traffic to increase the odds of someone buying something else in their store as opposed to opening up and promptly handing five consoles to some random as they update the Facebook Marketplace with their $200 mark ups. 

In either case good on Toys "R" Us for attempting to even out the playing field, even if it still only grants most of us a slim chance of getting the console. 

Source: Destructoid