Trailer For VR Survival Horror SYREN Might Be The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Thing This Year

Typically I'm not the kind of guy who just clicks on Survival Horror VR trailers, but considering news is a bit light today, I figure what the hell and jump into the trailer for Hammerhead VR's Syren

Initially, I'm like "yeah this looks like the type of game I'm way too chicken to play". I'm hearing foreboding music as a grayish female figure hovers around in the distance on what looks to be those stabilizing stilts from Portal 2. Now I'm noticing lag issues in the trailer, but I figure my computer might just be under some stress and don't chalk it up to the actual footage they're showing me in the game. Text is building...more footage...more text...wait was that an alien mermaid?....more text...what the hell is this game...BIG REVEAL. owL

I shit you not we then cut to your character unloading a clip of bullets as a "Flipper Woman" slowly bounds down the hallway towards him. The effect is amplified by what looks like those TNT Pop Snaps going off behind her. I've never gone from creeped out to laughing my ass off so quickly. Watch the trailer and continue on below. 

So let me get this straight. A team of scientists tried to create mermaids...and somehow these hybrid abominations got loose and managed to take down the whole lab?! How the hell did they do that without feet? Going back to the Flipper Woman who's literally running with her fins curled beneath her does someone like that overtake even one able bodied human? SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HANDS IN A LATER SHOT! So then after seeing the character do things like blow up portions of this lab to kill a mermaid that looks like she dies with two shots to the body, she attacks with what looks like could be solved with a simple brush of the shoulder. 

I want to take this game seriously...but I can't...someone help me out here.