Trailer Sets Dark and Depressing Tone for PROJECT RE FANTASY

project re fantasy.jpg

Atlus is a studio that has brought us some great games including the Persona series, Catherine, and the Shin Megami Tensei series. That’s why it’s so exciting when we get to learn more about their new IP that is coming from Studio Zero, Project Re Fantasy. We have a new trailer that gives us some clues as to what the game will be about as well as a little information about some of the class options we’ll be able to choose from.

For those that can’t watch the trailer, here’s a quick recap. The narrator is a man about to go to war, but he wants to tell one last story, “a tale of hope that can salvage the world.” He claims that it’s not right to call others “other tribes” before explaining that if there was only one tribe the world could be at peace and people could freely travel. “People no longer desire for kings and aristocrats” he claims. He then mentions a 'Promised Land' before we are introduced to what sounds like depressing classes. We then hear him describe a world that looks like our world. A world where there is one tribe, “sorcery is without need,” “glass towers that reaches the heavens,” and “people’s lives are all equal.” At the very end, it starts talking about a true hero to change the world before giving us the tagline “ReTHINK FANTASY RPG.”

The classes we learn about are the cleric, mage, warrior, thief, and lord. Each one has a distinct nature and aspiration that will no doubt change the story slightly for each one. For example, the mage’s nature is that of a guilt-ridden protester while they aspire for military recognition. This is one of the more interesting ones for me since I would’ve thought being recognized by the military would be more of a warrior’s aspiration. However, maybe the mage is trying to show the military that magic can and should be used as a weapon.

Project Re Fantasy has me really excited. The tone used throughout the trailer indicates that this will not be a happy game. Don’t expect rainbows and unicorns. After all, one of the classes is a suicidal knight, the cleric is xenophobic, and the thief wants to escape reality. Now, we still don’t know too much about the game but my guess is that it will be something along the lines of you picking your depressing class and then trying to find the 'Promised Land'. I’m interested to see how the world similar to ours plays a role in a game that sounds fantasy-esque, but the tagline once again is, “ReTHINK FANTASY RPG.” I could see our world being the Promised Land, or maybe it’s just another world that the character gets dropped into. Are you excited for this game? What role do you think the more modern looking world will play