Trailer: SHAPE OF THE WORLD is Gorgeous, Intriguing

Shape of the World , In-Game Screenshot

Shape of the World, In-Game Screenshot

Move over No Man’s Sky.  There’s a new, visually stunning, procedurally generated, alien planet exploration game on the horizon, and his name is Shape of the World.  A new teaser trailer for the PS4 version of the game was just released giving us a chance to drool over the gorgeous art style, incredible sound design, and unique take on exploration gameplay.

With the huge success of artistic centric exploration games such as Journey, Firewatch, and The Witness, I’m hoping that Shape of the World will land high on the list and can't wait to get my hands on it!

Shape of the World is an ephemeral first-person exploration game where the world grows around you in a procedurally populated environment. Exploration is about intentionally getting lost and the joy of being found again. Your presence is the driving force behind the evolving environment as you establish permanent monuments to mark your way. Without your presence, will the forest still come alive?

Developed by the Vancouver based Hollow Tree Games, Shape of the World had a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 with a goal of CA$ 75,000, which it quickly achieved in its first month.  The game aims for an early 2018 release and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

Are you excited to check out Shape of the World when it releases?

Source: Shape of the World, Kickstarter

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